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1 29/09/201445SCHEMESPMGSY PMGSY Programme fund stae Share Allotment Letter No-45.
2 02/09/201428SCHEMESMMGSY (OLD) MMGSY Maintenance Fund Allotment Letter No-28.
3 29/08/201444SCHEMESPMGSY PMGSY Maintenance Fund allotment Letter No-44.
4 28/08/201440SCHEMESMMGSY MMGSY (Gen) allotment Letter No-40.
5 28/08/201427SCHEMESMMGSY (OLD) MMGSY Allotment Letter No-28.
6 27/08/201410224SCHEMESSCP List Of Authorized Signatories of Operation of A/c No-37524 of BRRDA(for Construction of New Roads Under SCP Scheme).
7 26/08/2014130ESTABLISHMENTP-4515 Allotment Under Head P-4515, Letter No-130.
8 26/08/201441SCHEMESPMGSY PMGSY Programme Fund State Share allotment Letter No-41.
9 26/08/2014129SCHEMESMR(3054) Allotment Under Head MR 3054 Letter No-129
10 26/08/2014127ESTABLISHMENTP-4515 Allotment Under Head P-4515, Letter No-127.
11 26/08/2014128ESTABLISHMENTP-2515 Allotment under Head P-2515, Letter No-128.
12 26/08/2014131ESTABLISHMENTP-4515 Allotment under Head P-4515, Letter No-131.
13 26/08/201443SCHEMESPMGSY Revised list of Authorize Signatories for operation of Administrative Account of BRRDA.
14 26/08/201442SCHEMESPMGSY PMGSY Programme Fund Allotment Letter No-42.
15 26/08/201410065SCHEMESMNP Authorized Signatories of Roads Development Agency, Patna(for Construction of New Roads MNP).