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1 18/12/201414839SCHEMESSCP List Of Authorized Signatories of operation of A/C No 37524 of Bihar Rural Roads Development Agency, Patna(for Construction of Roads Under SCP).
2 11/12/201441SCHEMESMMGSY List of Authorized Signatories for operation of A/C No. 30292285216 of Bihar Rural Roads Development Agency, Patna(Programme Fund Contingent Account For MMGSY.)
3 11/12/201442SCHEMESMMGSY MMGSY Maintenance Allotment Letter No. 42.
4 10/12/20142824SCHEMESMR(3054) गैर योजना शीर्ष 3054 के अंतर्गत पथों की निविदा आमंत्रण हेतु BOQ अपलोड करने के सम्बन्ध में
5 10/12/201458SCHEMESMMGSY MMGSY NEW Allotment Letter No-58.
6 10/12/201440SCHEMESMMGSY (OLD) MMGSY OLD Allotment Letter No-40.
7 10/12/201459SCHEMESMMGSY MMGSY (SC) Allotment Letter No-59.
8 10/12/201460SCHEMESMMGSY MMGSY (ST) Allotment Letter No-60.
9 09/12/201470WESCHEMESPMGSY PMGSY Programme Fund State Share Allotment Letter No-70 WE.
10 09/12/2014200ESTABLISHMENTN-2515 Allotment under head N-2515,letter No.200
11 09/12/2014200ESTABLISHMENTP-2515 Allotment under head P-2515,letter No.200
12 09/12/201471WESCHEMESPMGSY PMGSY Programme Fund Letter No-71 WE.
13 08/12/2014199SCHEMESMR(3054) Allotment Under Head MR-3054, Letter No-199.
14 03/12/2014196SCHEMESMR(3054) Allotment Under Head MR-3054, Letter No-196.
15 03/12/2014197ESTABLISHMENTN-2515 Allotment under head N-2515,letter No.197